First Experiment

First Experiment:


Our first experiment with the algorithm produced mediocre results. The resulting disparity map did a good job of separating the layers of depth within the image; however, the grey scale value that represented distance from the camera did not match the actual order of objects. For example, the clothes pin is almost the same color as the eraser, while it was much further away from the camera during the experiment. Also, the background is a flat wall parallel to the image plane. Texture and shadows on the wall seem to have deceived the matching algorithm, erroneously giving depth to the surface; moreover, the three furthest objects appear darker than the wall, implying that they are behind the wall.
The reasons ZKS algorithm did not produce better results are:
- presence of shadows in the test photos
- some surfaces were non-uniformly reflecting light from flash
- background was a flat single-colored surface
- some parts of the first image were occluded in the second image and pixels that did not have matching pixels were colored black (program default)


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