Below are the results of varying the NumIterations parameter in the range [0,15]. Note the smoothing of the vertical region along the right edge of the map. Only the right image shows this region, so there are no matching pixels in the left image. The region is correctly colored black after the initial, L0 correlation run (i.e. NumIterations is 0), indicating an occlusion. However, after the first refinement run (NumIterations = 1), horizontal lines appear which are subsequently smoothed away. (For reference: the coal.zks used to generate these disparity maps.)

The input, a left and right stereo pair:

coal1.bmp coal0.bmp

The output, in order, from NumIterations = 0 to 15:

coal_(25,46,1,2,1,0,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,1,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,2,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,3,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,4,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,5,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,6,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,7,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,8,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,9,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,10,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,11,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,12,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,13,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,14,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp coal_(25,46,1,2,1,15,0.96,SAD).dis.bmp
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